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Manage all your learning and development processes on a single platform designed for engagement.

Juno Journey's suite of products integrates a learning management system (LMS) and a learning experience platform (LXP), covering the entire employee lifecycle.

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Sales enablement

Sales Enablement

Professional development

Professional Development

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Why Companies Love Juno Journey 

Why Choose Juno?

 With Juno Journey, you can set people's professional journeys to success on autopilot. 

100% Automatic Processes

From mandatory trainings to upskilling journeys - no more manual work

97% Satisfaction rate

Personalized professional development paths, constructed from a wide range of skills

85% Monthly Creators

Enable your learners to create and share their knowledge

+125% Engagement

Increase engagement through seamless learning journies and collaborative learning

About the Platform

Juno Journey is an all-in-one holistic platform revolutionizing employee engagement and growth.

Master your organization's learning and development processes with an AI learning recommendation engine, automation tools, a dynamic authoring tool, easy budget management, and superior analytics.

Register for a Juno LXP and LMS demo to discover how Juno Journey can bolster your L&D processes. 

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